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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "In this mini-writeup, we will be discussing from a fairly objective position how Internet Explorer 7 now stands compared to the latest offerings from it's biggest competitors: Firefox and Opera. This isn't a comparison, there will be no 'winner', not in this article at any rate!"
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RE: Decent
by mkools on Mon 1st May 2006 22:10 UTC in reply to "Decent"
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'IE has better memmory management, and favorites can be redirected to my home directory so every machine I logon to has my favorites.'

Firefox profiles can also be redirected, there are even policy adm-files to do it easily:

Also, IE doesn't have better memory management, because it uses less memory it doesn't mean it manages it better.

I want my applications to use my memory, in Linux memory management is much better because all memory is being filled up and used and given back when an application asks for it.

What is the use of 1 GB RAM when my system only uses 25% of it most of the time?

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RE[2]: Decent
by Nex6 on Mon 1st May 2006 22:29 in reply to "RE: Decent"
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I would not want to 'redirect' an entire FF profile. just the bookmark.htm file.

and I dont want a broswer with 3 tabs to use 170MB of ram.

I dont mind, the OS using ram, weather its Nix or Win. my issue with with leaky software. and if an OS at idle
is using say: 60% or more of ram, and you need that ram or take a preformence hit. it has to first lower the ram usage, by going to swap, so it can use it. If ilde ram was at say 30% or so, then when you needed it, it could load steight to ram.


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RE[3]: Decent
by RenatoRam on Tue 2nd May 2006 08:29 in reply to "RE[2]: Decent"
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If you are on a modern OS you can always symlink the bookmarks.html file wherever you want. Bang! Instant "redirection".

On windows, you'll have to figure how to use junctions or rely on the feature being somewhere in the browser :-)

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