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Windows Microsoft's long-awaited release of the upgrade to its flagship Windows operating system will likely be delayed again by at least three months, research group Gartner said on Tuesday. The research note, released to clients on Monday, said the new Windows Vista operating system is too complex to be able to meet Microsoft's targeted November release for volume licence customers and January launch for retail consumers. A Microsoft spokeswoman said the company disagreed with the Gartner report and it was still on track to meet its launch dates.
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Too late, already switched
by Governa on Wed 3rd May 2006 01:40 UTC
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I can now honestly say... I don't care. I have already switched to a Mac and I'm just loving it. Also I removed Windows from all my old PCs and just installed linux. My opinion of Vista is that it will be another bloated version, full of eye candy that will not run on my old machine. The best stuff of Vista seems to exist on Mac OS X for years so... what am I missing? Malware for sure! Too little too late Microsoft, I don't care anymore.

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v RE: Too late, already switched
by ronaldst on Wed 3rd May 2006 02:11 in reply to "Too late, already switched"
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He was being a bit flippant, but I see his point. Microsoft is almost punishing its customers with this release, or constantly postponed lack thereof. Almost I say. Current XP and 2000 users are probably satisfied with what they have right now... and even when Vista arrives, they likely won't switch for a year or so, letting the brave ones take the first, tentative steps into this newly written OS.

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