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Gnome GNOME 2.12 will be released to the world on September 7th, 2005, culminating 6 months of very exciting work by members of the project. A number of exciting technologies come together in GNOME 2.12 that will set the standard for free software desktops to come. Here is a sample of some of the outstanding work that has gone into GNOME thanks to its many contributors.
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RE: Not too bad
by abraxas on Mon 1st Aug 2005 12:32 UTC in reply to "Not too bad"
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And don't try to tell me existing linux font rendering technologies look the same as ClearType<p>

They don't at all. Fonts on Windows hurt my eyes. Fonts on Linux are softer and a lot less jagged. Personally I don't see the big deal with the fonts on Linux. They have looked better than Windows fonts to me for a while.

You can argue they are better, fine, I don't care. But they do NOT come out being rendered the same as ClearType.

You are right, they are not the same. I just don't get how anyone likes fonts on Windows better. They look horrible in comparison. I guess it is just a matter of opinion.

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