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AMD Eighteen months after shipping, AMD's Personal Internet Communicator, aimed at lowering the cost of computing so half the world could enjoy Internet access by 2015, apparently still doesn't run Linux. It now appears the design may actually be rigged to block the use of Linux.
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RE[2]: So let me get it staright...
by capricorn_tm on Fri 5th May 2006 10:27 UTC
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@terracotta: No, it's not that. that is the explanation. I'm going well back behind that. at the decision of using windowsCE in beginning.

The fact that they blocked the BIOS cannot be sustained with the fact that the aquirer wanted them to block their employee or customer from installing anything else.

They could have made different operating sistem (namely two) and then let the customer decide wich one they wanted and that would have locked the BIOS.

Instead , plain Windows and BIOS locked, Finito.

No mate, sorry, but this is selling a product with windows inside, and an illegal block to alternatives.

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What about the fact that if a customer wanted such a device with solely linux, would you complain too? The PIC seems to be quite customized for it's customers, so if a company sais it wants enough of these devices, but they want to run linux it's not a problem to do so. The introduction to the article is btw quite wrong, the design is not rigged to block the use of linux, it's rigged to block anything but a specific OS chosen by its customers, since they all wanted windows on it their selling a product with windows inside and a (don't know if it's illegal in Europe, depends on the country I think) block to alternatives.

Edit: typo, there are other probably other mistakes as well.

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