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GNU, GPL, Open Source "This famous controversy is there ever since I became aware of operating systems known as GNU/Linux. The GNU General Public License, which is used by Linux as well as most GNU software, armors both characters. GNU/Linux is the term coined by the Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman and people who support FSF, for operating systems composed of the FSF's GNU software and the Linux kernel; such systems are generally called Linux."
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by AlexandreAM on Fri 5th May 2006 16:37 UTC in reply to "*LOL*"
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You should say that to Stallman then. He seemed a bit angry when the subject came out in the last speech he gave at my university.

PS: I have to say I AGREE with Stallmans requests... yet it is probably the one thing I agree with him.

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RE[2]: *LOL*
by dylansmrjones on Fri 5th May 2006 16:43 in reply to "RE: *LOL*"
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Well, I didn't hear the speech so I don't know whether it was in regard to Torvalds, or in regard to all the people naming the OS after the kernel instead of after the OS.

GNU/Linux is the only system I know where you name the OS after the kernel.

Basically the name should just be GNU. The Linux part should only be used to distinguish between the different GNU-systems. In which case Windows 9x/ME should be called Windows/DOS because they were Windows OS on top of DOS. Actually they should be called Windows/DOS/ ;)

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