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Linux Andrew Morton, the lead maintainer of the Linux production kernel, is worried that an increasing number of defects are appearing in the 2.6 kernel and is considering drastic action to resolve it. "I believe the 2.6 kernel is slowly getting buggier. It seems we're adding bugs at a higher rate than we're fixing them," Morton said, in a talk at the LinuxTag conference in Wiesbaden, Germany, on Friday.
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Before all you sophomoric Linux fanboys mod me down, you can blame this ENTIRELY on Linus not "designing" a stable kernel API.

A stable kernel API would never introduce bugs in drivers no matter how long ago they were written!.

Hey Linus, talk to Sun or BSD guys about how to make rock solid and future proof kernel interfaces if you are unsure of your engineering skills.

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you can blame this ENTIRELY on Linus not "designing" a stable kernel API.

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That paper does not say that stable interfaces are a bad thing. It does say that the USB stack design in Linux was poorly thought out, and then poorly fixed, at least twice.

No one gets interfaces right the first time, but everyone who refuses to design interfaces meant to last inevitably fails to do a very good job, over and over again.

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Perhaps if you would think things through before posting them, you would realize that posting your comments in a more civil manner would not result in you getting modded down. For instance, don't call people "sophomoric Linux fanboys" and completely remove your last sentence. It really isn't that difficult to post your thoughts without resorting to petty name calling and personal attacks/insults, perhaps you should try it sometime. Here, I'll give you an example if you find it difficult:

"I think Linus' decision to not develop a stable kernel API is causing a lot of the problems. If there was a stable API, new bugs would not be introduced into old drivers, like with BSD and Solaris."

See, it really isn't that difficult if you try harder.

And for the record, I agree with you, just not the way you expressed your opinion.

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