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3D News, GL, DirectX "We have been overwhelmed with requests to take a serious look at the frame-rate performance differences between the various open-source and proprietary contenders. Our first article on this topic, which will likely be the first of a series of examinations, is looking at the differences between the X.Org open-source ATI Radeon driver and that of ATI's official but proprietary fglrx display driver."
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RE: Very few games for linux
by historyb on Sun 7th May 2006 02:32 UTC in reply to "Very few games for linux"
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Funny I found games for Linux. Here: (have to put linux in the search) and here and here So there are games out there and more need to be written. It's up to developers to do it and stop cow towing down to MS.

I hope to someday write a game for Linux myself.

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