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3D News, GL, DirectX "We have been overwhelmed with requests to take a serious look at the frame-rate performance differences between the various open-source and proprietary contenders. Our first article on this topic, which will likely be the first of a series of examinations, is looking at the differences between the X.Org open-source ATI Radeon driver and that of ATI's official but proprietary fglrx display driver."
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by halfmanhalfamazing on Sun 7th May 2006 11:29 UTC in reply to "IP"
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---------Why cant Linux developers and the Linux community just respect companies intellectual property?----------

There's alot of zealots out there who don't. I can only speak for myself when I say this(because I haven't seen many others say it) that nvidia and ati should be opening up their specs for older cards(maybe 2-3 gens back) but I respect them keeping their current lines a secret.

----------People talk about buggy closed source drivers, its not like the ones in the kernel are not buggy.---------------

This isn't so much an issue assuming (x company) is providing adequate support.(like nvidia) But nVidia doesn't support it's older cards anymore. AFAIK their new drivers don't support geforce/GF2 class cards. These specs should be released.

-----------I dont see why distros couldn't package these proprietary drivers with the CD, OR------------

If you are a distro which has the newest kernel packaged that isn't possible unless (x driver) was just recently released with support for that kernel. It just won't work. And having it downloadable online defeats the purpose of "it just works" off the CD.

Alot of people appreciate "it just working". I know I do. That's why until someone releases specs for something newer, I'm stuck with a firegl 8800.

-----------Untrusted code, well when was the last time you have ever heard of a HARDWARE, not software drivers doing "bad things". The sony thing wasnt hardware is what im getting at.----------------

ATi's drivers do bad things constantly. They're horrible.

------------Not everything in this world cant be free people, would be nice, but wake up.------------

Agreed. But at least with asking for older-cards' specs there's a chance we'll get them. ATI/NVIDIA/ETC might not want to support them anymore, but we do. And with older cards, the issue of IP isn't so much a big deal anymore.

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