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FreeBSD "It is my great pleasure and privilege to announce the availability of FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE. This release is the next step in the development of the 6.X branch, delivering several performance improvements, many bugfixes, and a few new features. These include: Addition of a keyboard multiplexer. This allows USB and PS/2 keyboards to coexist without any special options at boot. Many fixes for filesystem stability. High load stress tests are now run successfully on a regular basis as part of the normal FreeBSD QA process. Automatic configuration for man Bluetooth devices, as well as automatic support for running WiFi access points. Addition of drivers for new ethernet and SAS and SATA RAID controllers."
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RE: Gnome 2.14 on FreeBSD
by dindin on Tue 9th May 2006 14:00 UTC in reply to "Gnome 2.14 on FreeBSD"
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This is an issue with FreeBSD. I love FreeBSD but the applications and package management has been pretty messy for quite sometime. If you want to get gnome going, I would suggest a fresh install - backup all your files and do a fresh install from Marcus com via binnay packages. The source install via ports may or may not work, but its not going to give you such an improved performance that you spend 12hours compiling code in the hope that it works. I say this because I have gone through this every single time with every FreeBSD release. I am going to go through this again today.

It would be great if there was some form of a binary package mangement system for FreeBSD. The prots system is outdated and over-rated.

Despite this I still use FreeBSD but only packages. I have also started to experiment with Ubuntu lately for its Gnome support.

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RE[2]: Gnome 2.14 on FreeBSD
by eMagius on Tue 9th May 2006 14:49 in reply to "RE: Gnome 2.14 on FreeBSD"
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I wonder if anyone is working on porting over OpenBSD's new pkg_tools -- they offer excellent package management without rocking the boat.

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RE[2]: Gnome 2.14 on FreeBSD
by molnarcs on Tue 9th May 2006 15:08 in reply to "RE: Gnome 2.14 on FreeBSD"
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FreeBSD has binary package management - you can install, remove, upgrade binary packages with pkg_* tools. You can even create binary packages from software installed from ports, and then use those packages on other machines!

Ports system is outdated? What are you blathering about? It just works, and everyone loves it - it offers greater flexibility than binary-only systems, and what makes it really great is it's seamless integration with the binary package management system. With make package-recursive you can have binary packages automatically created in /usr/ports/packages, which you can export via NFS and you can install every package with pkg_add on other machines! FreeBSD offers the best of both worlds of source only and binary only systems.

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