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Games The successor to the Linux-based GP32 handheld games console will launch in the UK on 18 May, promising to bring gamers a gadget capable not only of playing native games and well-known titles under emulation, but also movies, music, and picture slideshows. The GP2X contains two 240MHz processors, 64MB of RAM, and 64MB of Flash. It sports a 320 x 240 LCD and is powered by a pair of AA batteries - enough, claimed the console's UK distributor, for six hours' gameplay. There's an SD card slot for expansion, and a USB port for PC connectivity.
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"now, put these two items in it and you have a winner:
> 5" widescreen capable of 800x480
> nvidia GoForce 5500 video/audio chip"

The widescreen I'm behind 100%, that is something I would love to see in a device designed for watching movies as well as gaming. As for the video chip though, there is no way that chip (and yes I know you referenced the laptop version of the chip) would be feasible on 2 AA batteries. It would be better to go the Nintendo DS route, with a low-power-consumption but still 3D-capable separate video processor. As we've seen with Mario DS and Metroid Prime, the Nintendo DS can easily handle complex 3D graphics on a low-power platform.

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Every time the GP2X is mentioned it doesn't quite fit someones niche, and for everyone there is an opposing argument.

widescreen - only movies/latest TV and they come in a 4:3 format. 99.5% of programs through open source or emulation will be in 4:3 format.
3D - Is not required by video and 99.% of programs available for the through open source or emulation are 2D or pseudo 2D. It has 2D accelleration.
Wi-fi/bluetooth - Its a 320x240 screen about 3 1/2" across so internet browsing is tricky, finding another person who owns one will be tricky for network gaming, and killer on battery life, and has USB/SD.
large custom battery - Adds to cost rechargables, cheap; readibly available, pop to the local shop in a pinch, and replacable.
hard drive - sd cheap, common format, 4Gb becoming affordable and 8Gb starting to make appearance, and they are low power easily replaced, futureproofed, oh heard of SDIO.
larger single processer - expensive, dual core becoming the standard not the exception, cheap SOC commodity chip solution allows for use of multitude of free features from video decoding, rescaling, 2D acceleration to less useful ones like alpha-bending and HW/Cursor.
windows/other OS - linux is cheap, allowed early creation of a multitude of quick ports of emulators, media players, media viewers(PDF), Open source Gaming; Engines, Virtual Novels, Homebrew and Demo etc etc.
phone/camera/GPS etc - now your being silly.

It is what it is, its not a PDA, PSP/DS, Mp3 Player, Video Player, Phone, Camera. Its a cheap open development handheld multimedia device with a bent toward gaming.

You either want that or not.

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