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OSNews, Generic OSes Torvalds has indeed chimed in on the micro vs. monolithic kernel debate. Going all 1992, he says: "The whole 'microkernels are simpler' argument is just bull, and it is clearly shown to be bull by the fact that whenever you compare the speed of development of a microkernel and a traditional kernel, the traditional kernel wins. The whole argument that microkernels are somehow 'more secure' or 'more stable' is also total crap. The fact that each individual piece is simple and secure does not make the aggregate either simple or secure. And the argument that you can 'just reload' a failed service and not take the whole system down is equally flawed." My take: While I am not qualified to reply to Linus, there is one thing I want to say: just because it is difficult to program, does not make it the worse design.
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RE: Linus Torvalds may be wrong...
by silicon on Wed 10th May 2006 19:13 UTC
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Tell me which Operating Systems have you analysed and what criteria you chose for testing stability. QNX is the only major OS that uses a pure microkernel. All other OS's are hybrid or monolithic. And guess what Linux is faster, better and more widely used than QNX even on devices where QNX competes (embedded systems).
The fact that you have made no observations on a microkernel OS about the so-called "stability" flaws your stability/security arguement.
Let's see : If microkernel was a better design, most OSs today would be microkernel based and guess what most of them are quite successful despite being hybrid or monolithic.
My Take: What's wrong with the current Linux kernel? Linux is the most popular Free kernel. Linux is fast, stable, secure and popular. Okay I agree: It's buggy but those bugs are due to other reasons I would not like to go deep into here.
Unless I see a microkernel based OS performing better or giving any advantages to me, I wont vote for one.

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more widely used than QNX even on devices where QNX competes (embedded systems).

Anything to back that up? You see, QNX is one of the most widely used embedded operating systems, there's no way in hell Linux has overtaken QNX in the embedded space. And judging by the state of Linux on my Zaurus, it will take a loooooooooooong time before Linux can beat QNX in the embedded space.

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