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Mac OS X "Aside from an awesome user interface and a great underlying architecture, Apple built OS X with security in mind. As part of that central security theme, OS X has been designed using three key isolation features: system isolation, user isolation, and memory and application isolation."
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by markus on Thu 11th May 2006 16:27 UTC
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I use (and develop softaware on) Mac OS X since 10.0.

I always liked the file system layout

User/... (the user has permissions to see / modify files in his account)
Library/... (all users can see but only the admin can modify files)
System/... (all users can see but only root can modify files)

o.k. there is one more


When you need to update files in System/ (via SW Update or a Package Install) you enter the admin password and Mac OS X will do something like a su (note that root is disabled by default) to allow the admin to change things in System/...

Yes I think it's very cool and secure.

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