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FreeBSD Linux may soon have a stronger open-source competitor on the desktop if FreeBSD's plans come to fruition. FreeBSD developer Scott Long told ZDNet UK on Thursday that the operating system, descended from the Unix derivative BSD, is "quickly approaching" feature parity with Linux. "Lots of work is going on to make FreeBSD more friendly on the desktop," Long said. "Within the year, we expect to have, or be near, parity with Linux."
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This is good news
by Priest on Fri 12th May 2006 20:50 UTC
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I definitely think there are ways where FreeBSD has the potential to be a strong competitor on the desktop in part because they have more control over the project than a typical Linux distro would have over Linux.

I think it could benefit Linux at the same time because if some things show to be successful on FreeBSD they can later be adopted by Linux (like ports package management for instance).

At the same time I think there are areas where Linux has made huge improvements that FreeBSD could borrow from (the installer for instance).

This should be interesting.

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RE: This is good news
by tmack on Fri 12th May 2006 21:27 in reply to "This is good news"
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WTF are you talking about.

Every distro has complete control over Linux, they can apply their own patches if they want.

No one is stopping them.

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RE: This is good news
by zambizzi on Fri 12th May 2006 22:12 in reply to "This is good news"
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More control? How so? I could start my own distro tomorrow if I wanted to...and make it do whatever I have the ability or desire to do.

Yeah, it'd be great to have ports-like uhm...Portage in Gentoo?

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RE[2]: This is good news
by paul.michael.bauer on Fri 12th May 2006 23:47 in reply to "RE: This is good news"
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You are right that there are no technical limitations to what you can do with Linux.

However, FreeBSD has recognition as a centralized effort. If the FreeBSD peeps decide to over-haul a major sub-system and take the project in a new direction, they can (see SMPng) and the whole community goes along for the ride. You or I could not just spin off our own 'flavor' and call it FreeBSD (see DragonFlyBSD).

The Gentoo project has made this great Portage system, but they can't insist that Linux as a whole will follow their vision (apt, rpm, tar.gz, etc.).

The sort of dominance the FreeBSD developers have over their entire project (soup to nuts) can't be duplicated by either the Linux community or a specific distriution because Linux and FreeBSD are too different political animals entirely.

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RE[2]: This is good news
by backdoc on Sat 13th May 2006 02:38 in reply to "RE: This is good news"
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What he meant is that since there is only one FreeBSD, if you Google for help on FreeBSD, the results are always relevant. If you search for help on Linux, you might get SUSE help, Ubuntu help or whatever. Sometimes it applies to your problem, and sometimes it doesn't.

Also, FreeBSD can focus on FreeBSD specific documentation. They are in complete control of everything from start to finish.

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