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SuSE, openSUSE LinuxForums reviews SUSE 10.1, and concludes: "Everything worked perfectly and the system seemed to be very stable. The boot splash, the login managers, the installer and the desktops were customized with a unified SUSE look and feel that made them beautiful and very professional. The YaST installer in particular impressed me a lot, and I was amazed to see how SUSE succeeded in making a great desktop operating system, both with Gnome and KDE, offering a lot of software, a lot of options, a lot of configuration tools without making it hard at all for the user. This release also comes with great new applications such as Xgl, Xen and AppArmor. Everywhere I looked, I saw really nice things, great ideas and a beautiful presentation."
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YaST is god-awful
by google_ninja on Sat 13th May 2006 02:46 UTC
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I really dont understand what everyone loves about it so much. Hardware detection is at *least* as good on half a dozen other distros, so it can't be that. After the initial install/configuration, the only thing you would really use anyways is the "Software Managment" panel, which is hands down, the worst I have ever seen. Adding "sources" takes a completely and totally unacceptable amount of time. I'm talking 2-3 minutes on a 1.2 ghz celeron. Granted, the hardware was garbage, but 2-3 mins is beyond all realm of reason, especially since apt/synaptic works so well on the same box. The synaptic clone is a bit better, which is really not saying much. It actually stores the local package cache in a db or something, because search results are instantanius (like locate), but I found load time to be in the realm of a minute (unacceptable compared to synaptic), and the dependancy resolving to be needlessly pedantic.

If all that existed was the situation we were in 5 years ago when I started messing around with linux, this would be a great distro. It is a solid KDE, good ideas with the installer, real nice framebuffer/bootsplash eyecandy, etc. But I find YaST to be totally unworkable, and would never recommend it, even to a total newb, which (aparently) is what this distro is geared for.

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RE: YaST is god-awful
by moleskine on Sat 13th May 2006 16:07 in reply to "YaST is god-awful"
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You are making the mistake of thinking that because something is fairly easy there must be something wrong with it. SuSE is intended to be a full-up Windows replacement and is also intended to be fairly easy for nine out of ten Windows users, not the small minority of technically sophisticated users.

In this regard, SuSE seems to do extremely well, imho. The package manager is a distinct minus, but that should come right in the coming weeks. In the long term it is distributions like SuSE that will bring new users to the platform. It will not be distros primarily for developers like Debian and Gentoo with their tiresome cult of the newbie.

That said, SuSE is a beefy distro that needs a beefy PC. On my ageing laptop, Ubuntu and xfce is a far better bet.

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