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GNU, GPL, Open Source "We have received an email claiming that the Kororaa Xgl Live CD is in violation of the GPL. I have been researching this as much as I can, asking many prominent people in the Linux world for their opinion. So far, no-one has agreed with the email, however a few have said to seek legal advice, which I cannot afford to do (but can't afford not to do, if I want to continue the Live CD). As such, the Live CD has been put on hold, until I can sort this out. If I cannot sort this out I will be forced to cease work on the Xgl Live CD."
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Dead serious. I don't belive that copyright OR pantents provides ANY benefit to humanity that wouldn't be surpassed by magnitudes by the benefits of NOT having them.

There are a number of people who make their livings by rearranging words, sounds, and images into unique presentations who would disagree with you strongly.

For that matter, do you include the GPL itself in that list?

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I know that many would disagree. Doesn't mean they are right though. Copyright focuses, as the word implies, on copies. The actual work of creation doesn't need exclusive rights to all copies, to be profitable.

The GPL was invented to combat copyright. So while we have this system, why not let it do its job?

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The GPL wouldn't work without copyright.

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