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OSNews, Generic OSes Hypervisor virtualization has broken out of the software development community and is rapidly becoming part of the mainstream for Windows installations. Rick Cook talks about who's hot and who's not quite there yet.
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RE: What about the desktop?
by scoopr on Mon 15th May 2006 10:16 UTC in reply to "What about the desktop?"
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VMWare actually does have virtualized hardware accelerated 3d, but with severe limitations.
.. But its promising that they are atleast TRYING. But +1 for wanting accelerated 3d for virtualizations as well.

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Thanks for the link - I hadn't seen that. While the Workstation product's support of 3D in VMs is clearly still in development, I am happy to see that someone is trying to do something about this. Hopefully others are or will follow suit. I would have no problem paying $200 for a desktop virtualization solution that also provides good graphics performance. Has anyone tried the experimental VMWare solution?

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