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AMD AMD confirmed details of its "Next Generation Processor Technology" today, but it's really business as usual for the company. As AMD heads to four-core country, the company will continue to improve the bandwidth of its processor package, tweak memory and rely on help from partners to compete with an upcoming line of revamped chips from Intel.
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by suryad on Tue 16th May 2006 23:41 UTC
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I am not sure but there is already a good amount of software that is able to handle dual cores. I think XP is able to handle dual cores most of the time quite well without you havign to resort to setting affinity and so on. I am not sure but I read somewhere about Vista's kernel enhancements and it is supposed to have a better task scheduler. But yes you are still right that software besides the OS needs to be multithreaded to take advantage of all those cores. I am sure that number of software is going to increase drastically in the next few years.

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