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Java "Sun today announced that Java Platform, Standard Edition 5 is now available for redistribution by GNU/Linux and OpenSolaris operating system distributors under the new Operating System Distributor's License for Java (also known as the 'Distro License for Java' or DLJ). Developed in consultation with, and for use by, the various GNU/Linux communities, the new license allows distributors to ship Sun's Java SE 5.0 Java Development Kit and Java Runtime Environment as installable packages for their operating systems." At the same time, Sun also promised to open-source Java.
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RE[4]: GCJ versus Java
by ahmetaa on Wed 17th May 2006 00:48 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: GCJ versus Java"
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i am sorry if i offended, it was a joke, apologies for that word.
But i dont understand your last point here. why are you trying something evil on the changes in Sun? in the recent years basically they changed their strategy. it is perfectly ok for a commercial company to change their strategies. aparently in the OS arena they understood that it is difficult to live without open sourcing it. Same way, their enterprise suite was not selling they preffereed to open source it and focused on service.

The thing is, Java should be treated a little differently when subject is Open Source. it is being used by so many third party companies, open sourceing it should be done with extreme care, they cannot allow code to be changed without strict test and quality measures and i guess they feared fragmentation may break backward compatibility and VM or language may change in not so experienced hands. Also, being open source does not add too much vaue to SUn's Java since code is perfectly downloadable and comunity contributions are already accepted by Sun. To me , All they need to do is to make contribution easier, provide version controlled source access and building much easier, thats it.

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