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AMD AMD confirmed details of its "Next Generation Processor Technology" today, but it's really business as usual for the company. As AMD heads to four-core country, the company will continue to improve the bandwidth of its processor package, tweak memory and rely on help from partners to compete with an upcoming line of revamped chips from Intel.
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I love Athlons
by JacobMunoz on Wed 17th May 2006 04:25 UTC
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I've been an AMD customer for a long time.

In 1990, my parents bought a 286 - which I dicovered a decade later while dismantling the machine was an AMD.

In 96, I had a K-something AMD (don't remember the model) for a little while - it got destroyed in a basement flood. ;)

In 2001, a friend of mine gave me his old Athlon 766 Mhz (which I still use to this very day).

In 2005, I got hired by 'the Man' and now work with an awe-inspiring 128 node dual-socket (256 CPU) behemoth Opteron cluster.

I admire their products - especially since Intel was supposed to put them out of business so long ago. They are a terrific set of engineers that come up with some amazing chips. The Opteron is a thing of beauty!

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