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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris According to this blog entry by Warly Done, the ISO images of Mandriva One 2006 have been released to public mirrors: "Push Mandriva One final ISO on public FTP mirrors. They include all the updates and the latest kernel 2.6.12." Screenshot tour available, boys and girls, so rejoice. That's an order.
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RE[2]: Truly
by stenka phocean on Wed 17th May 2006 07:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Truly"
stenka phocean
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I am european, and what I can tell you is that Mandriva is less and less popular.
I don't think this distro will survive much any longer.
I agree it was a good distro which contributed to the Linux popularization (even if I never really liked because of its messy and too candy interface).

But it hasn't evoluated much recently and is now targeting only the companies, when it was popular among the end-user.
They spend all their little ressources in stupid marketing, useless association and certification, losing their community... They don't understand their large community was essential to convince the companies. They even lost their brain, Mr Duval.

So, I think the end of Mandriva is not far.

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RE[3]: Truly
by arctic on Wed 17th May 2006 11:24 in reply to "RE[2]: Truly"
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I don't share your point of view that Mandriva is getting less and less popular. Only because you don't read any news about them every two weeks (like with e.g. SUSE or Ubuntu lately) does not mean that they lose marketshare. It only means that they work on their distro quietly until things are ready for the first test-phase. No unneeded official propagation like e.g. the 1000th dapper flight CD or DSL RC99, 1.999998.

Mandriva went to a yearly release cycle which surely caused those who want the "latest and greatest" to switch to other ditros, but the majority of users, I guess, simply wants a quite stable system that they don't have to upgrade every six months, thus wnat an OS that allows them to work WITH their distro rather than working ON their distro all the time (one reason why I ditched Gentoo long time ago). Think of it: Many people stick to a stable debian, which should be dead by now, if your vision of things would be right. But still, debian is still there! ;) Same goes for many, many other distros.

Sure, not every move made by Mandriva was a good one, but give them credit: Their distro does just that, what many users expect an operating system to do. I agree however that for certain usergoups there are better solutions than Mandriva.

And now back on topic: Finally the CD got released for all. Another nice tool for system-rescue tasks and show-offs. ;)

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