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AMD AMD confirmed details of its "Next Generation Processor Technology" today, but it's really business as usual for the company. As AMD heads to four-core country, the company will continue to improve the bandwidth of its processor package, tweak memory and rely on help from partners to compete with an upcoming line of revamped chips from Intel.
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Software has not caught up [for general use]. But it will. Games and encoding software (including compression!) are catching up right now.

Some software may make good use of multicore CPUs, most won't. Games and a few other performance sensitive codes may start to make use of multicores but not a lot else will.

Parallel computing has been around for years but its still quite hard to turn a serial code into a parallel one, or to design an application which will work happily across a varying number of CPU cores. It'll take vendors years to rewrite their applications to make decent use of the available power so, for those of you who fancy yourselves as software authors, you have a nice window of opportunity to develop parallel apps from scratch.

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