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AMD AMD confirmed details of its "Next Generation Processor Technology" today, but it's really business as usual for the company. As AMD heads to four-core country, the company will continue to improve the bandwidth of its processor package, tweak memory and rely on help from partners to compete with an upcoming line of revamped chips from Intel.
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Yes, in 5-7 years. In 2-3, probably 8--but they could just make faster 4-core CPUs, too.

Those Sun CPUs are not general purpose CPUs, like an Opteron or Xeon. AMD does not appear to be making anything remotely like them, nor Intel. They're looking at general use CPUs that can handle anything you throw at them 'pretty well', not multithreading monsters like Niagara, or narrow number-crunchers like the Cell.

Multicore CPUs that we will have in desktops need to handle single-threaded apps as well as single-core CPUs (benefits coming in running many instances, and multitasking, when dealing with apps that do much multithreading). Most servers will use the same chips, or at least variants of them.

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