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Linux A lawyer acting for Linus Torvalds has contacted Linux vendors in Australia and asked them to sign a legal document relinquishing any legal claim to the word "Linux" and demanding they purchase a licence for its use from the Torvalds-created Linux Mark Institute, which administers the Linux trademark. The effort is part of an 18-month struggle to get 'Linux' registered as an Australian trademark.
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you sir are a massive tool.

How is this like microsoft, Linux is a pretty made up word. oh wait , it is an original word unlike windows.

how many windows did you see today already? how many linuxes (as in noncomputer things)

Linus has the trademark in United States.

This is because there is ONE linux, and redhat isnt it, the kernel linus produces is linux, everything else is linux based etc. He wants to protect his personal kernel and it's name.

is he ever gonna profit? probably not in any substantial way, does it give him the ability to protect his work from the next IP fools ala SCO, you better beleive it.

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"how many linuxes (as in noncomputer things)"

Linux washing powder, made by a Swiss company. Its quite cool, phosphate free stuff, in fact....

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Hey, cool!

Gotta get some of that to wash my plush Tux with.

Linux not only makes your computer clean but also your clothes. That is something Microsoft will NEVER be able to match. ;)

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