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Editorial It's conventional wisdom that computers need to be "easier to use." But do they? More reliable, yes. Easier to troubleshoot, yes. But now that so many people use computers so much, I think there's something to be said for making them less easy-to-use and less intuitive.
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There is no "one size fits it all"
by oggy on Wed 24th May 2006 19:07 UTC
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I dont think the default guis of Windows or MacOS X
or Linux should get less intuitive. But they should give the power user more choices for customizing the gui.
In my point of view KDE is a good positive example for that. You can just use it like it is, or customize it until it has nearly nothing in common with the default look and feel.
I personally use the ion3 wm with kde (that is, the kde apps), which allows you to use the keyboard for everything.
All in all I think the vendors should distinquish more between power users and beginners, for my mom windows is still far to unintuitive.


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