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Mozilla & Gecko clones The Mozilla Foundation has said it is committed to rewarding the community that helps develop its software. Mozilla's suite, which includes the Firefox Web browser, is partly developed by unpaid programmers, often working in their spare time. Mozilla on Wednesday said it could not afford to pay all of its voluntary contributors, but instead may contribute by providing hardware to some developers.
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RE: Alright, good...
by DittoBox on Thu 25th May 2006 21:19 UTC in reply to "Alright, good..."
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I have to agree, purely from a user's perspective.

But the main reason I don't use Opera as my main browser is many extensions I've installed, which simply aren't available with Opera. In fact, I don't even think Opera has the ability to support so-called extensions (please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never found it!).

I use:
-Web developer Toolbar (this is the most valuable to me)
-AdBlock (anything but text ads drive me insane, GIF and flash ads are the worst, force that crap on me when I visit your site and I *will* block it...or simply not even visit anymore)
-Google Toolbar (Image, site and spell check are a must)
-Google Notebook
-Permit Cookies (only cookies that are used to login are the ones that I allow)
-SwitchProxy (going Tor in 5 4 3 2 1...)

Those are only the really important ones. If this kind of stuff was available in Opera, I'd switch in a heartbeat!

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RE[2]: Alright, good...
by Gullible Jones on Thu 25th May 2006 21:47 in reply to "RE: Alright, good..."
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I don't like Opera for a few reasons... For one thing, the Linux port uses QT (bulky if you use a GTK desktop, redundant if you're using KDE), for another, Opera is proprietary software, and I like to stick with OSS for applications that I use all the time. I've heard claims that it's the fastest browser out there, but AFAICT it doesn't live up to that.

(In fact, browsers seem to spend almsot no time rendering, and a surprising amount of time loading page data, even on very fast pages - despite my having a broadband connection, and enabling pipelining and stuff in Firefox. This suggests to me that a lot of browsers may just have unnecessarily low bandwidth usage restrictions, though I don't know for sure.)

My favorite browser is Konqueror, which has Adblock and most of Firefox's functionality (and then some); unfortunately it's also a file manager, and part of KDE, which IMHO is a bloated mess in its current state. That's why I'm waiting for a stable Webcore/KHTML port to GTK, something like this:

Unfortunately GTK-Webcore seems to be dying, or at least developing at a snail's pace. And the Gnome people aren't updating GTKHTML, they've switched to Gecko... A real shame.

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