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Mozilla & Gecko clones The Mozilla Foundation has said it is committed to rewarding the community that helps develop its software. Mozilla's suite, which includes the Firefox Web browser, is partly developed by unpaid programmers, often working in their spare time. Mozilla on Wednesday said it could not afford to pay all of its voluntary contributors, but instead may contribute by providing hardware to some developers.
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Greed tear it apart.
by cyclops on Fri 26th May 2006 00:41 UTC
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Firefox is earning serious money, admittedly there is a core set of developers, but won't most developers suddenly want a chunk of that pie.

Its simply too much money, they are actually hiring someone for 6 months to figure out what to do with it.

...and yet its not enough to go around.

Can they not say hire a few more people full time.
Award Prizes for innovative extentions.
Buy in a new commercial program and firefox it.
Create free online storage for thunderbird users.
Promote Firefox buddies Thunderbird, Sunbird and Nvu.
Develop an online office suite, VOIP, Bitorrent.

Buy some of those $100 laptops while they still look nice, and everyone can feel good using firefox, and selling our souls to google.

Hell anything is better than sitting on an ever growing pile of money, that everyone is suddenly going to take an interest in.

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RE: Greed tear it apart.
by cozby on Fri 26th May 2006 04:24 in reply to "Greed tear it apart."
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Wrong. Mozilla should never go into developing online office suites, VOIP or Bitorrent. It should never deviate from its core product - web browsing. They would be treading water in unfamiliar territory, bloody suicide.

I will agree with you on hiring more fulltime staff, and they're doing that. Also with incentive prizes (Extend Firefox comp.)

What I think they should do, is invest in educational institutions. Securing a solid future in the development of open source applications (Firefox, Xen, etc).

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