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Google Google Labs has released Picasa for Linux, ported using Wine by CodeWeavers. The free Picasa download is available now. My Take: The software requirements are fairly hefty in that some features require cutting edge programs like HAL and a 2.6+ kernel, but this is fantastic news for Linux users. Picasa is an excellent program that rivals iPhoto. Update by AS : Google ported Picasa using Wine, but it was still a LOT of work and the result was completely effective. Please read more on the WineHQ mailing list. Update 2: You do not need Wine installed to run this - it's a self-contained Wine lib. Also, the Picasa download apparently doesn't work from all countries. Update by TH: Here's a review.
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Ported to Linux
by antonis00 on Fri 26th May 2006 14:39 UTC
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Since when running applications with wine is called porting to another OS?

Oh and another thing... why do we need non native applications and also non-free (as in freedom) when there are excellent applications already that integrade better like digiKam ?

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RE: Ported to Linux
by Dark_Knight on Fri 26th May 2006 14:56 in reply to "Ported to Linux"
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I tried the link for the free Picasa download which gives a 404 error. So I agree, if this is just Google saying Picasa now works on WINE ( then it's not called "porting" since it's not native Linux code. What it would be is Picasa running on WINE which runs on a Linux distribution.

You're correct that there already are alternative applications such as FSpot and DigiKam which run natively on Linux and just as Picasa are free. What can Picasa do on Linux that applications such as FSpot for example can't?

Picasa on WINE:



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RE[2]: Ported to Linux
by Dark_Knight on Fri 26th May 2006 15:30 in reply to "RE: Ported to Linux"
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I forgot to add that it seems Google missed the boat on this one as people have been asking for a native Linux port of their software solutions such as Picasa for some time. What we get is Picasa now works on WINE which is another good alternative but more to attract the Geek on Linux than a typical computer user. Reason being that unless you're using commercial WINE such as Codeweavers CrossOver Office which includes a GUI frontend set-up wizard then most people will have difficulty getting free WINE packaged with distributions working with their Windows software. This is because most distributions do not provide detailed instructions on using WINE or even package with their distribution frontend WINE management tools such as

Another point is that this isn't the only project were Google has been lacking. GTalk, Google's alternative to MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger has yet to be offered for Linux or OSX. Again the project is only ported to Windows even though Google always plays the image as a big supporter of the Linux community and claiming how much they use Linux in their LAN. Though there are projects where developers listen to feedback by consumers. Such as which beat developers such as Google by providing a true cross platform messenger solution that runs on Linux, Windows and OSX, allows VOIP/Webcam and can communicate with several third party messengers from GTalk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

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RE: Ported to Linux
by Mitarai on Fri 26th May 2006 14:57 in reply to "Ported to Linux"
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At least Picasa runs on Windows and Linux, wake me up when the same can be say about DigiKam or F-Spot.

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