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PC-BSD "PC-BSD 1.1 was released today, along with a PBI update file for users running 1.0, who wish to update to 1.1. This release brings the core operating system up to the latest version of FreeBSD 6.1, adds better driver support to the kernel, and improves the speed on many systems." Update: Screenshots.
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RE[2]: Strengths, Weaknesses, Differences?
by ma_d on Tue 30th May 2006 02:01 UTC
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BSD's are usually more conservatively developed than Linux:
1.) They're a bit slower to get driver support; and they tend to do it better when they get it.
2.) Some of them are highly reviewed, not freeBSD, which most desktop BSD's seem to be using, but Net and Open.

And the second difference is that the coreutils are BSD instead of GNU.

Other than that. You'll still use Xfree/Xorg, Gnome/KDE/other, Gaim/other, etc just like you do on Linux. And FreeBSD has had a very strong linux binary support layer; so you can run commercial linux applications that don't give you source.

Going Windows to Linux, or even Mac to Linux, is a lot bigger a change than Linux to BSD. Let's just say, the two are very similar on the outside but the internal philosophies may be completely different; and the end-user graphical applications will likely be the same, except some small patches.

I wouldn't say they're more controlled though. But they are less bazaar in their development; not that the whole of a typical Linux based OS is going to be entirely developed like Linux is...

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