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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Because of Ubuntu's big release tomorrow, a review of the latest release candidate. It concludes: "To sum up my experience with Ubuntu's Dapper I will say that it is easily the most impressive Linux distribution I have used to date. The combination of speed, stability, ease of use and the excellant apt-get package manager, makes it the Linux distro to beat. The 5 years of upgrades is another incentive to try out Dapper as well. This would be the first time I would recommend a Linux distro to any computer user (including Windows users) and feel confident they would like the system, as well as be able to use the system proficiently shortly after testing out the system."
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Mmmhhh.... sad
by pfortuny on Wed 31st May 2006 19:49 UTC
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"All I had to do was edit the xorg.conf found in /etc/X11 and change the driver from nvidia to vesa"

OK, no big deal for any of OSNews readers and probably Lunapark6' either, but in contrast with the summary

"This would be the first time I would recommend a Linux distro to any computer user"

I know what the issues are and *I* know how to fix that problem. But we are still far from real-life users, aren't us?

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RE: Mmmhhh.... sad
by SlackerJack on Wed 31st May 2006 20:49 in reply to "Mmmhhh.... sad "
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The nvidia driver does it for you now with the nvidia-xconfig and has been for about the last three releases.

No need to edit the xorg.conf anymore.

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RE: Mmmhhh.... sad
by Nalle on Thu 1st Jun 2006 06:35 in reply to "Mmmhhh.... sad "
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If you expect normal users to install their own OS, that is true. But none of my friends and family has ever done that. Not Windows either. I've allways had to install and configure for them.

My sister is currently running Ubuntu 5.10. She lives in another town then me, so I set up the computer and sendt it to her. She doesn't know much about computers at all, but she's happily using and updating Ubuntu at need and has become a Linux-fan in the process. I didn't have any Windows license for her and she got the computer from bits and parts I'd collected. It's a 2,8Ghz with 512 MB RAM and a silenced power supply, so it's not a bad PC.

So, in instaling the OS I can agree with you, but using it? Now, I think 6.06 will be even easier to use and 5.10 if newbie friendly in heaps!

Nalle Berg

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