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Java In his Weblog entry last week, Jonathan Schwartz wrote that "despite the cynics, using a GPL license is very much on the table" as a possible option for open source Java. Schwartz also reported that Sun is making serious progress on open sourcing Java. "We're now making serious progress on open sourcing Java (and despite the cynics, using a GPL license is very much on the table), while focusing the debate on what matters most: not access to lines of code (that's already widely available), but ensuring compatibility," said Schwartz.
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[/i]"Compiling from source is not about speed. It's about customization."[/i]

And what do you wish to achieve by customization?

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As I stated earlier:

A system running completely after my mind, with the functionality I want - no more and no less.

My Gentoo system is a lot more stable than the mainstream binary distributions I've tried (especially better than Fedora, the latter drove me towards LFS).

Since the devs on binary distributions are incapable of maintaining a distribution useful to me, I'll just maintain my own ;)

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