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Mozilla & Gecko clones "The next version of Firefox will come out of the virtual box with Google's anti-phishing tools built in. While the Googlified security services have been available through use of the Google Toolbar for either Firefox or IE6 for quite some time already, this marks the first default installation. And we all know how much Google values the defaults."
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RE: Nice, but really...
by Captain N. on Wed 31st May 2006 23:07 UTC in reply to "Nice, but really..."
Captain N.
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I don't think it's really the same thing. Mozilla needs a partner for anti-phishing, if I understand the technology (isn't it a web service), and they do themselves better to work on their browser and platform, than spend their money on running a service like that.

Also, since Mozilla is Open Source, anyone is free to take their browser and bundle it with their own software, and their own services (or someone else's if they want). Ubuntu bundles Firefox, with it's own defaults for example (even with a custom (terrible) icon).

Even if they weren't open source, if they don't limit a re-distributor by demanding that they support Google (and install that support), then they are still not doing anything wrong, IMO (as long as their API is open, which it is).

Microsoft got into trouble because they were forcing their customers to use their software (or at least to install it by default), and were leveraging other ubiquitous software (Windows) to do so.

Mozilla isn't quite so ubiquitous.

A closer analogy would be GNU/Linux - many distributions ship with Firefox by default, but some use Konqueror - and there are many distributors. So no monopoly.

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RE[2]: Nice, but really...
by thebluesgnr on Thu 1st Jun 2006 02:05 in reply to "RE: Nice, but really..."
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Ubuntu bundles Firefox, with it's own defaults for example (even with a custom (terrible) icon).

FYI, they don't use the official icon because they can't (trademark issues). That's no excuse for an ugly design, of course.

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