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Mozilla & Gecko clones "The next version of Firefox will come out of the virtual box with Google's anti-phishing tools built in. While the Googlified security services have been available through use of the Google Toolbar for either Firefox or IE6 for quite some time already, this marks the first default installation. And we all know how much Google values the defaults."
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Looks good!
by unoengborg on Wed 31st May 2006 23:59 UTC
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Apart from the antiphishing thing, one of the things I like about it is the spell checker feature that underlines misspelled words in web forms with a thin red line. Just like you can get suggestions for replacements in a right mouse pop up menu.

The tabs works much better, with a close button on the active tab. This makes it easy to close tabs without so much mouse movement.

Unfortunately it doesn't pass the Acid2 test, and as I understand this will not change until the 1.9 series of Gecko that will be used for Firefox 3.0.

Even though this is an alpha release, it seams to be quite stable at least on Fedora FC5.

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