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Apple "It's not that I despise Apple or the wonderful products it showcases year after year, but the fact that almost every first generation Apple product has serious quality assurance issues bugs me beyond belief. Let's take a look at two of Apple's most successful products, the company's portable music player and its notebook series."
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RE: Mine's fine
by Kroc on Thu 1st Jun 2006 16:21 UTC in reply to "Mine's fine"
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It happens. I have a day 1 Mac Mini and it has worked flawlessly as a server since the day they came out. It's never been switched off, only rebooted for updates.

On the other hand, I also got a day 1 Macbook Pro. It was fine besides the whine, the heat and the mic port not working at all. I sent it off, and a new one dispatched. The new one was probably a repackaged return from a service centre because the screen was bowed, the CD drive buckled, a scre twisted out on the bottom at a bad angle and a dead pixel.

Over the phone they were not prepared to replace it without picking up the first and waiting a week for another to be delivered. They said I couldn't take it back to the store because the system only accepts laptops from their original location.

So I went to the Apple store in London, and they replaced it immediately, no questions asked. I also bought a white Macbook and that's running fine.

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RE[2]: Mine's fine
by iampivot on Sat 3rd Jun 2006 13:06 in reply to "RE: Mine's fine"
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what apple store was that? The one with the service centre in New Oxford Street?

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RE[3]: Mine's fine
by Kroc on Sat 3rd Jun 2006 18:29 in reply to "RE[2]: Mine's fine"
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Regent Street in Central London, just off of Oxford Circus

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