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Gnome BetterDesktop has published its research results concerning ease of use and usability on GNOME. "Below are videos that we have taken of user tests. Please consider when watching the videos, that they may touch on many parts of the desktop. For example, a test that deals with changing the background may involve Nautilus or GNOME Control Center. In other words, there is a lot to learn from these videos! In addition to providing the videos, we have also aggregated some of the Data Results to see stats on specific tests. We have also created some Research Reports on this data."
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RE[2]: gnome have a poor Usability
by ceo1 on Sat 3rd Jun 2006 18:27 UTC in reply to "RE: gnome have a poor Usability"
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>I use it everyday and it's pretty "usable" to me so please don't say "everybody".

Yeah, I'm in the same category as you are - the only challenge I have is that I'd have to put "pretty" in quotes rather than usable (sic). Although I have fallen madly and deeply in love with Gnome (I've switched entirely from XP to Gnome as of the OpenSuse 10.1 release) I still see plenty of opportunity for improvement:

- I can't stand the lack of interoperability between KDE and Gnome.
- Gnome's disrespect for customization & "Advanced Settings"
- Network drives .. One would imagine that Linux would be the tool of the trade to connect to anything that can hold data, and that may be true at the kernel/driver level. At the user level, it's a different story. (An example: Gnome will allow you to browse SMB shares, but you can't right click on a folder or in any easy way mount that share so that every program can read/write to it..)
- Don't even get me started about syncing PDAs. Nobody can figure that out.

That said - I'm madly & deeply in love and there's not a chance in ##ll that Vista or anyone will get me back in bed.


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