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Windows Microsoft released Vista Beta 2 for public consumption. It does not require a Key but will expire on June 1 2007. You can download the 3GB ISOs (or from here) for 32bit and 64bit architectures.
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RE[4]: 3GB ISO?
by Ookaze on Thu 8th Jun 2006 12:36 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: 3GB ISO?"
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Roughly speaking - you are actually getting all the features of Media Center and all the Features of Tablet PC operating systems combined

This is pretty cool. I don't have anything that can qualify as tablet, but I have the Media Center, powered by MythTV.
I'm using Linux nearly exclusively since 2001.
I still have a Windows client with Windows XP SP2. I won't touch it, but I have a Mandriva on it that I can replace with Vista Beta 2.
The Mandriva serves me to help the users I migrated to it in case of problem, but they didn't have any for months.
I won't buy Vista, but as with Windows XP, I heard lots of things on how good it is, though far less than for WinXP.
Currently, no OS can provides me every feature I need, except for my custom Linux (which is the same that is installed on my web frontal, my main dual CPU box, and the media center).
I'll be able to see how Vista (Beta 2) fare against all the requirements I have. Compared to 2001, when I discovered WinXP was unable to even provide the basics of what I needed, the new MS OS will now have to compare against the features of my Media Center.
Being able to see how the FOSS I use fare against the latest MS developments is interesting (at least for me), so I have only positive things to say about this MS release.

The Media Center features and tablet features are very slick and very cool all by themselves

I'll be able to see by myself, but I don't hold much hope that Media Center have even 3/4 of the features I use on my MythTV box (especially the automatic program selection and integration of games and emulators). But I'll be watching for automatic reencoding in xvid, and automatic wakeup/shutdown, as well as hardware support.

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