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Linux "I am proud to announce the official release of Symphony OS Alpha 4. Alpha 4 includes the KNOPPIX version of the 2.6.11 Linux Kernel and an updated base based on Knoppix 3.9, numerous improvements to the Mezzo Desktop environment, includes synaptic for package management, beagle for local searching, supports .desktop files in the Programs target, and much more."
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It is.
by Adam S on Wed 3rd Aug 2005 16:21 UTC
Adam S
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I downloaded it and tried it yesterday. It is a live CD.

I must say, the Mezzo environment is really quite revolutionary. It's a completely different way of doing things, worlds apart from the Windows/Mac/Gnome/KDE/Photon/BeOS way of doing things.

However, Mezzo is definitely not ready for primetime (or maybe it's SymphonyOS itself). Lots of things didn't work, and eventually it froze (in VMWare) and I had to kill power. But wow, what an interesting project.

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