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Windows Microsoft will not fix a serious flaw in Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition because a patch could break other applications. The security bug relates to Windows Explorer and could let an intruder commandeer a vulnerable PC, Microsoft warned in April. The software maker has made fixes available for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000, but it has found that eliminating the vulnerability in Windows 98 and ME is "not feasible," it said.
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by Sodapop on Sat 10th Jun 2006 01:14 UTC
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So if they suddenly find out my 10 year old car catches fire because of a flaw from the factory, I get a recall notice.

A flaw in a 10 year old Operating system that could allow hackers in, gets brushed off? Hmmmm.

2 words people, forced upgrade. Period.

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RE: So...
by Nelson on Sat 10th Jun 2006 01:26 in reply to "So..."
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I'm glad they are forcing people to leave Win98..
Windows 98 is just too old for them to care anymore, maybe if it had a more substatial userbase..but just no.

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RE[2]: So...
by raver31 on Sat 10th Jun 2006 07:38 in reply to "RE: So..."
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You are GLAD they are FORCING people to.........

Did you just read what you wrote ?

Grow up young man.

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RE: So...
by Marcellus on Sat 10th Jun 2006 06:35 in reply to "So..."
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Let's see here...
What is the expected "lifetime" of a car? I'd say at least 20 years. More with proper service of mechanical parts.
What is the expected "lifetime" of an operating system? It sure as hell isn't 8-10 years.

And if we add cost of car vs cost of OS into it all, the cost of the OS is small change in comparison.

Making analogies between cars and operating systems shows that you are nothing but a little troll looking for food.

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RE[2]: So...
by atsureki on Sat 10th Jun 2006 16:18 in reply to "RE: So..."
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1) Operating systems are digital information. Their life is infinite. There's no comparison to a car mechanically breaking down.

2) Cars are the de facto analogy for computers. Apparently, everyone who talks about technology is a little troll looking for food.

3) The analogy that "little troll" was making was that in both cases, a dangerous flaw existed in the product from the beginning, but only one of the manufacturers took responsibility for it.

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RE: So...
by BluenoseJake on Sat 10th Jun 2006 16:26 in reply to "So..."
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Most people don't pay 10-50,000 dollars on an OS

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