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Linux "I am proud to announce the official release of Symphony OS Alpha 4. Alpha 4 includes the KNOPPIX version of the 2.6.11 Linux Kernel and an updated base based on Knoppix 3.9, numerous improvements to the Mezzo Desktop environment, includes synaptic for package management, beagle for local searching, supports .desktop files in the Programs target, and much more."
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RE: Very inefficient GUI
by on Wed 3rd Aug 2005 17:35 UTC in reply to "Very inefficient GUI"

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Ehm, Im just using it for the first time and I get the impression the primary areas of the desktop they try to use are the corners.

If applications are covering the desktop and you try to access something from the corner menus the apps will automatically be iconified, which works amazingly well from what I can tell after using it for 5 minutes now.

Seems like the only purpose of your post is to flame and whine without a serious consideration of the usability of this solution.

While the concept is probably a long way from being perfect yet, it still is a really new and intersting concept. Kudos to the developers, I sure will follow this project more closely now after I tried it.

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RE[2]: Very inefficient GUI
by hobgoblin on Wed 3rd Aug 2005 23:56 in reply to "RE: Very inefficient GUI"
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there is one problem i see tho, the desklets.

while most of them dont perform much of a task (hell i have a samurize config on my windows box that 99% for show) i see that one of their concepts have put im messages into one of the areas along with other system messages.

sure stuff can change color and so on, but there needs to be a way to draw a users attention to them no matter what the person is doing.

and as the original poster pointed out, desktops have a bad habit of being coverd with all kinds of things.

i dont see a desktop corner target, and i dont think relying only on audio clues are good. why? just like with a cellphone, there are times when you want something to be as quiet as can be. and you may be working on a machine that do not have a audio ability.

so, will they be changing say the computer or document icon into a message icon with a diffrent color to indicate that "hey, there is something on the desktop that you need to see!", or do they plan something else?

thats the one thing that no gui have ever realy solved, what do do to draw someones attention without poping it into his face, and do so reliably...

hell, if they can solve that then im all over it. i have focus stealing popups from everywhere, be it save dialogs, download dialogs, im dialogs or whatever else they can pop up in front of you...

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