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Apple A few weeks ago, I wrote in my weekly column about people like Dvorak, whom I accused of writing sensationalistic articles just for ad revenue. For most of us, that was a prime example of kicking in open doors. Since those doors are all kicked in now anyway, Dvorak now actually has admitted that he writes controversal articles for the sole puprose of ad revenue. And it got taped.
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Have you all lost sight of the fact...
by bolomkxxviii on Sun 11th Jun 2006 11:40 UTC
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Dvorak gets paid to write. Anyone who thinks his articles are purely his opinion needs to come back to Earth. It is just entertainment. If you are not entertained by his stuff, quit reading it. The rest of us will continue to enjoy what he writes and will take it with a grain of salt like we always have. Until there is an "open source" movement in writing, the people cutting the paychecks will continue to decide what gets written and when. It is called capitalism. Enough of a rant.

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You must mean "without cost" and not "open source." There is plenty of free writing available on the Internet. Things like blogs, web forums, usenet, and so forth. If anything, directly paid authorship is probably the minority on the Internet. The nature of the content differs in some cases, but considering that Dvorak is not a particularly imaginative polemic being different can only be a benefit.

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