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Linux "I am proud to announce the official release of Symphony OS Alpha 4. Alpha 4 includes the KNOPPIX version of the 2.6.11 Linux Kernel and an updated base based on Knoppix 3.9, numerous improvements to the Mezzo Desktop environment, includes synaptic for package management, beagle for local searching, supports .desktop files in the Programs target, and much more."
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2 cents
by on Wed 3rd Aug 2005 20:21 UTC

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unless there was some button some where that i missed going to the program screen iconifies all the apps, okay fine, but then upon launching or going back to the original screen every thing stays iconified, that ought to be changed. also choosing from favorite apps launches the program and then stays in the apps screen, launching from "all apps" launches and takes me back to the desktop.

as for constraining the windows to the desktop, and needing info from one part of of two apps well can't say it's ever happened to me in such a way that i needed to drag half the app off screen. although personally i like windowlab's constraining just the title bar to the screen better.

though i really fail to see the innovation here. yes it uses corners as hot spots but only at one level, if i want to launch a app i can fling my mouse to the lower left corner great but then i still end up having to pick the app/folder/storage out of a linear menu in the middle of the screen.

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