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Linux "I am proud to announce the official release of Symphony OS Alpha 4. Alpha 4 includes the KNOPPIX version of the 2.6.11 Linux Kernel and an updated base based on Knoppix 3.9, numerous improvements to the Mezzo Desktop environment, includes synaptic for package management, beagle for local searching, supports .desktop files in the Programs target, and much more."
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RE: Yes!
by Ronald Vos on Wed 3rd Aug 2005 20:56 UTC in reply to "Yes!"
Ronald Vos
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Hell yes! Windows Vista just got blown away on features =)

Just yesterday I was wondering: those nested menus are annoying in every desktop I've encountered. What can be done about them? And here this guy provides the answer: don't have any! Just have more menus. I feel really stupid for not realising it.

"(though, the "instinctively look to the bottom left for programs" comment is totally off... that's based on Microsoft beating that concept into our heads - new users do NOT go looking in any specific place at all;"

I completely agree. In fact, just 2 days ago I moved my Windows XP taskbar from the bottom to the top. This is not only easier for multi-windowed tabbed browsing (with tabs on top clicking another programwindow takes more mouse-movement) but now the start-menu suddenly has a logical configuration: quicklinks first, then programs, and you can never accidentally click shutdown based on your finger slipping off the mouse-button.

That, and most computer-using people start reading left-to-right from top-to-bottom. Aka, the top-left corner is where most people who might use this desktop start. There's a reason Mac put the Apple menu with all the programs top-left.

This is the one thing where I go: oh darnit, why couldn't you do this one thing right from the start? (even if it's a seemingly small thing)

Because otherwise the design is awesome. Just all the overview one could wish for by pressing one button in the corner (getting the desktop with everything you might need to know...all that stuff that's hidden on any other OS unless you just specialised admin tools).

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