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GNU, GPL, Open Source It's time for the Windows and Linux communities to drop the religious war and get together in a hurry to put the strengths of each operating system to best use, according to a nationally recognized authority on Windows Server. At the same time, Microsoft has been reaching out to the open-source community to try to find ways to overcome the incompatibilities between software distributed under the GNU General Public License and its own commercial software.
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The Answer is:
by Milo_Hoffman on Tue 13th Jun 2006 23:11 UTC
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Microsoft: Lets play nice....

Linux: Ok. YOU FIRST.

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RE: The Answer is:
by Nelson on Tue 13th Jun 2006 23:22 in reply to "The Answer is:"
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Exactly. I think the point here is that if you expect ANYONE to trust you after your history you're going to have to perform THEN talk.

Things like collaberations with IE7/FF to implement the Phishing things are examples of what MS needs to do. You don't have to opensource you're OS, just share some of the information and allow others to build their open alternatives. Even if it is only for Linux thus it wouldn't be stealing any of the market from your windows only product.

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RE[2]: The Answer is:
by Rehdon on Wed 14th Jun 2006 09:22 in reply to "RE: The Answer is:"
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They wouldn't even have to do that to gain some credibility: have IE supporting CSS2/3 and other open standards would be a reasonable sign that, in the specific field of web browsing, they'd be willing to play within a set of common rules. So far they let IE development rot, and due to its intentionally broken support they slowed down acceptance of those standards by years.


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