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GNU, GPL, Open Source It's time for the Windows and Linux communities to drop the religious war and get together in a hurry to put the strengths of each operating system to best use, according to a nationally recognized authority on Windows Server. At the same time, Microsoft has been reaching out to the open-source community to try to find ways to overcome the incompatibilities between software distributed under the GNU General Public License and its own commercial software.
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by AnonaMoose on Wed 14th Jun 2006 00:05 UTC in reply to "GPL"
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Derivative work includes suth things as copying algorithms


This isn`t exactly true, you can`t copy/paste the code but you can sure as hell use the same idea and implement it differently (which can be hard if you`ve seen the source code etc).
As for GPL being bad well that depends on how or why you use it, I`ve recently got a contract to a smallish website and I`ll be using GPL software for one part and my own proprietary code for another part.
This is all above board as nothing I make is "derived or linked" to the GPL stuff, I only "use" it for it`s original purpose and any modifications and source for the GPL stuff will be given to the client on the CD.
The only tricky part was explaining to my colleague what/how/why GPL works and changing his copyright statement (which may or maynot of been neccessary it`s easier if you make the wording VERY clear).
BSD vs GPL is an age old thing that doesn`t mean squat, BSD is like releasing your code as a town bike, GPL is like releasing your bike with a guard on the back so others can have a go.

EDIT: Note IP and Patents trump all this too but thats a whole other story and yes GPL3 is supposed to fix this loop hole and yes I think Stallman is a nutcase ;)

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