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GNU, GPL, Open Source It's time for the Windows and Linux communities to drop the religious war and get together in a hurry to put the strengths of each operating system to best use, according to a nationally recognized authority on Windows Server. At the same time, Microsoft has been reaching out to the open-source community to try to find ways to overcome the incompatibilities between software distributed under the GNU General Public License and its own commercial software.
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RE: Strange comment.
by ma_d on Wed 14th Jun 2006 00:59 UTC in reply to "Strange comment."
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The GPL "getting along" with proprietary software goes completely against the spirit of the license and the movement that has backed it, solely, for so long.

Microsoft is pretending to want to play nice so they can slander FOSS in the press about how it didn't want to work with them to "better mankind." When in reality it didn't want to be crushed to better Bill's stock options.

It's a common tactic to call anyone with serious intentions that don't waver religious: And it's bloody stupid too. Would you call a libertarian religious because he's obsessed with personal responsibility and free markets? No, that'd be foolish. Would you call a Marxist religious because of his zeal against organized religion?
Would you call a FOSS advocate religious because he believes he's found a much better system for creating software?

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