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Linux "Not that long ago, a significant portion of desktop GNU/Linux enthusiasts were actively advocating GNU/Linux among Windows users. I even remember doing it myself at one point, though now I really don't care what you use on your computer as long as I don't have to use it too. I thought that sentiment was isolated to me, but lately I've seen an abrupt decline in GNU/Linux evangelism on online forums. Here are some possible reasons for this change in community thinking and behavior."
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I actually had the opposite problem, I have a dual boot system here with Kubuntu (Breezy Badger), and winxp, my MB died and I ahad to get a new one, when XP booted up, it reinstalled everything, rebooted, and it was good. KDE crashed every 10 minutes or so, and I finally had to reinstall kubuntu (that was my excuse to upgrade to dapper, I probably could have fixed it if I cared enough). Just goes to show that every users experience is different, because thier needs are different, and because every PC is different

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Was the MB a completely different brand or another versions of the same MB?

Replacing a MB with a completely different brand, should make XP go nuts, and require a reinstallation. If XP actually runs on a completely different MB you can consider it a bug (XP is supposed to fail during bootup), because it's not supposed to work that way ;)

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Different Brand, different chipset, I actually expected to have to do a repair, and I was amazed

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