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Linux "I am proud to announce the official release of Symphony OS Alpha 4. Alpha 4 includes the KNOPPIX version of the 2.6.11 Linux Kernel and an updated base based on Knoppix 3.9, numerous improvements to the Mezzo Desktop environment, includes synaptic for package management, beagle for local searching, supports .desktop files in the Programs target, and much more."
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RE: my mini review
by on Wed 3rd Aug 2005 23:27 UTC in reply to "my mini review"

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"now... a few things that drive me nutts
first.... and this is huge..... It dosen't maxamize a window to cover the whole screen.... wasted screen realestate is not acceptable

they do this as to not cover up the corner icons

solution?.... well, they could autohide the corner icons, or they could make them smaller and use some transparency and set them to always be on top of the window

Autohide is really bad according to Fitz's law, which this design actually pays attention to, unlike so many others. Keeping them on top of the window would make it difficult to access corner areas of the window, which might contain important content. Unfortunatly there is no easy solution to this problem.

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