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Is this valid as an entry?
by cefarix on Fri 16th Jun 2006 20:33 UTC
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Would it be OK if I wrote an article about how I came to write my own OS? It would be about why I did it, how I started, the pitfalls I encountered, the lessons I learned, where I got the know-how, and of course, how I actually did it. The OS is called Cefarix by the way, and the latest version is on SourceForge.

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RE: Is this valid as an entry?
by Adam S on Fri 16th Jun 2006 20:36 in reply to "Is this valid as an entry?"
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As long as there is available code and a website, it's permissible. Try to be technical though, and explain about HOW you handle things like files, boot up, graphics, etc.

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cefarix Member since:

It's still quite rudimentary. No graphics, networking, or user-land applications support yet. Just a minimal (and buggy) command line interface. It does have a namespace system, file system, HD support, multitasking, and the other essentials of a modern OS. Is it still acceptable? Or does this require an OS that is more usable?

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Hmm, since you state the source code must be available, you might want to put that requirement on the article ... ... ...

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