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Microsoft Bill Gates is transitioning out of his full-time role at Microsoft, the software giant that's been under pressure due to a sagging stock price, competition from Google and nagging delays in the Vista operating system. In a press conference held Thursday after the stock markets had closed for regular trading, Gates announced that over the next two years he will gradually step away from his daily responsibilities at the company he co-founded some 30 years ago.
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by CaptainFlint on Fri 16th Jun 2006 21:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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Sorry, on what premise are you basing your claim? Are you his official biographer? A friend of the family? You know next time Ballmer is discussing his plans and strategies, could you please ask him the substance he was abusing that fateful evening of the dance monkey boy video?

On Bill Gates leaving MS, maybe the leaving schedule might get delayed, technical difficulties might force the resignation to be postponed to the next quarter... Sarcasm aside, if Gates wants to try out something else, I think he has earned his stripes. Something he helped build is now, by hook or by crook, a leading player in the industry. Not a bad way to end up starting from a garage

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by Get a Life on Sat 17th Jun 2006 09:37 in reply to "RE[3]: ..."
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I am not a friend of Steve Ballmer's family. I seriously doubt my abilities as a writer, so I would be reticent to be anyone's biographer. I've met with and talked to him personally on three separate occasions, and I have a few friends who work for Microsoft. I'm from the area originally, and that's where my family lives.

Why are you so simple-minded as to judge people by theatrics? Why don't you ask Paul Otellini what he was on. They're showmen. It's what they do. They sell things. It's certainly nothing I could do with a straight face.

Have you ever made any attempt to know anything about the people that are banded about like celebrities on the Internet? It's not as if Steve Ballmer's life is shrouded in mystery.

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