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Features, Office Users of Microsoft Office can now choose one of the Creative Commons licenses for work created in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft and Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that offers flexible copyright licenses for creative works, partnered with 3sharp LLC to develop and test this new copyright licensing tool, known as the Creative Commons add-in for Microsoft Office.
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Work License... or DRM policy?
by mike hess on Wed 21st Jun 2006 23:33 UTC
mike hess
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This is the first i've heard about a license for work created in Office Apps. In Office 2003 (or XP), what license does your work default to when you save?

I suspect there is no such license.

This sounds to me like Microsoft is preparing to make DRM more common in the average user's life. Wean user into creating a DRM policy for files they create, and they won't be as suprised when files others(read: riaa,mpaa,etc) create have similar schemes.

Or maybe i'm completely off-base. can anyone bring some light to this?

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Kroc Member since:

DRM is not inherently evil. DRM can be used to properly control documents to avoid files being digitally tampered with. (Remember the news on Digg a long time ago about the man who had one figure striked off of his contract and he only found out by an old copy of the word file he had)

MS adding creative commons support is an absolute excellent and forward thinking idea. Microsoft deserve praise for this; after all, why didn't the Open Source alternative think this up first, they are all about document freedoms.

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Nathan Member since:

DRM may not be 'evil', but it is inherently unworkable and stupid.

If I have the ability to see/hear the data, I can copy the data and remove the DRM - even if its hard to do so, it can by very definition be copied.

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