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RE: nightmare
by Celerate on Thu 22nd Jun 2006 01:28 UTC in reply to "nightmare"
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"I have a feeling DRM will lead to hardware with hidden features."

Last time I checked the hardware features weren't being hidden, instead Intel and AMD decided to say from the get-go that they'd eventually be sticking DRM chips on hardware and it would be illegal under the DMCA to remove them. I think VIA is still clean though, and if that remains true then I might try out of of their mini-itx boards when I have the cash.

What sucks about DRM chips is that there's only so many companies making motherboards, and they all seem to be warming up to the idea under the belief that upcomming commercial operating systems will require such things to boot. By now everyone should know how companies who's products are readily available in most local stores are scared to be incompatible with both Windows and OS X. It may become necessary to special order DRM free motherboards or violate the DMCA, and I for one have no trouble with the later.

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